She Said ‘YES’

To be or not to be
Either be locked up in your inner me
Or rejoice in being set free
Can joy be found in rain?
The constant sound, pitter patter
Increasing louder as it hits the windowpane
Joy knocking on the inner pain
Breaking down walls of shame
Let me go
Is it I who holds you, or you me?
There is an exit door that lights the way for you to see
But your eyes are wide shut!
Still trying to figure out how to fight your enemy
It is in fact a memory
You have found love in your new family
A sweet love that beckons and asks politely ‘marry me?’
Did I hear correctly?
You said yes wholeheartedly
Well I’ll be…
Footsteps walking out one two three
The day draws closer
It’s the month of September
Heart tremors as you think no one remembers
Walking down the aisle wearing a watery smile
It is just life trying to steal your joy
Playing with your mind like a lifeless toy
Turnaround and see
The pews are filled with friends and family
Do not let your mind attack you so ferociously
Declare your vows, exchange of rings
Say I do and hear your heart and spirit sing
Embrace this next stage in life
Beware, It will not always be free of strife
To have and to hold until you grow old
Will be your greatest testimony
To be or not to be…
It is time to set yourself free
Now joined together in holy matrimony
To walk in fair weather between anniversaries
But remember the rain
Not every shower is a blessing
In your joy, be ready to face the pain
For in these times you will need to press in
To be or not to be…
Real love is the key
Unlock your inner me
Sweetheart, love and be loved and set yourself free

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