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The Flower Called Love

A seed was sown
Its down deep in the soil below
When it was sown, I do not know
But it was watered and fed
And arisen from the soil bed.
Wait, it’s okay for I see a bud
I assume it is a darling bud of May
A blossom of sweet fragrance of love
Potentially to form a bouquet
Presented to ones lover on Mothers or Valentines Day.
Out from the stem thorns take form
The aesthetic senses, perfume and colours that radiate sunset red
Intoxicating my head
But instead of imitating life, Dookie Dooks feels dead
There is a change in climate
Winds begin to twirl and rise
Her life is about to change before her eyes
Scolding hot baths and tears that stream silently down her face

I’m sorry
I didn’t forewarn you
Falling head over heels in love
Fearing not the trials of life
And how lack of money can bring on stress and strife
The hand that says sorry touches by caress
In your heart, I made you feel everything was blessed
Here lies the greatest test
Will you stay and endure
So all will see a perfect love
Or will you go and save/change your life
No, off course you’ll stay
You have learnt over the years
To wear the mask called ‘ everything is okay’
What can I say?
What can I do?
I want to try and save you
But your love for him is strong and true
And even though he knocked you out
He does in fact love you too
Even though it was a heavy clout
Your eyes opened
And so did your mind
But instead of the truth, I whispered into your heart
The water, remember the water
The care he took to wash your face and hair
It was not cold but rather warm
So no matter the reality of the storm that just brewed
No matter what I can whisper
To deliver you from what’s sure to come after
No matter the warning signs
All that matters in your life is Ken, Nadia and Rishon
You are determined to carry on
As far as you are concerned
You must have caused the situation
After all that’s what was said
I should’ve told you, you could’ve dropped dead
A seed was sown
Out of the fertile soil grew a rose
It spelt love and grace, joy and peace
You held it not knowing the pain it could release
Warm water…
It grew with warm water
As long as you held it between the thorns
It was capable to give love and not hurt you
Beauty that deceived
You left your parents to cleave
No way will you entertain the words to leave
So, what did I do?
I left you to believe
Because he used warm water,
He loved you

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