My goodness me…

Hello, I’ve been meaning to say hello for the longest while but couldn’t find the words!! The one word that poked was ‘Procrastination’!!!

Born in St Stephens Hospital In Chelsea, something I felt very proud off by the time I went to high school. It seemed every black kid was born in Central Middlesex Hospital, Park Royal from my school. I was such the odd one out…

They all seemed to live either Harlesden, Stonebridge or Neasden as well.

After school the rear few travelled in my direction,( the opposite direction to Harlesden!) and the ones that did, the furthest they travelled was Sudbruy Town. It was cool as they still needed the ‘black peoples bus’ the #18, for me on the other hand ย it was #92 Bus or nothing…

Last child of six other siblings. The two eldest, my sisters were my dads two daughters from a previous relationship before he met my mum (had no idea they existed until I was 9 years old… more on that later!)

My mum and dad together – there was my elder sister and three brothers then me.. the special one! Well I say special as my siblings are all one year apart in age and then 6 years later I popped up. Mum always said I was a mistake but a good mistake.. lol..

Since a child I had plenty to say, my aunts uncles and my parents always said I was old beyond my years as a toddler and at primary school age.

well I’m well into my 40s now, I myself have five wonderful children, one son-in-law and three grandchildren

There was certain things I wanted in life…as a teenager I spoke them and it came to pass.. well some things did, some turned out near enough to what I wanted, and some things were not quite the fairy tale I imagined..in fact, quite the horror story…

  1. Sounds like you had a very interesting beginning, ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Oh I haven’t even touched on my beginning properly Beverley… taking lots of deep breaths as I anticipate typing out the words, but I promised myself and God – No more Procrastinating! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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