It Can’t Be…

No way
It can’t be
Is that the same guy that you met at Panama?
The one you said turned heads
Who made your heart stop as if you were dead?
No way
It can’t be
Is it that same guy you danced with all night
Conversed with until he took you to a natural high?
No way Maria
It can’t be
You mean to say that’s the same guy that made you weak at the knees
That showed you what it meant to be loved
Who took the stain away of dirty touch
Unlocked the chains and set you free
The same guy who made vows to you
Dedicated his love when he said ‘I do’?
He’s the one?
That is relentless in abusing you,

Oh my gosh
I would have never of known
Men seem to be the same
Whether young or old
Who can be trusted with your spirit and soul?
To not break your body under the false illusion of being whole
Tit for tats developed into hills of a mole
Built to mountain tops before your eyes
And daily everything within you cries.
Longing for…
Deserving a love
That will materialise
But everything turned out to be lies
There was no natural high
It was a mirage
Infatuation awaiting to sabotage
A coalition with love and strife
How is it possible to destroy the hopes of ones’ wife?
Is this seriously all I have to expect from life

My friend now tells me there is hope
He says there is one who cares
And invites me to come along to hear
How His kind of love redeems and repairs
Heals your body, soul and mind
He rants with excitement that He is one of a kind
And to be real, He is the most genuine love I’ll ever find.

So yes, I’ll go
You never know
Something needs to go
To die…
And be reborn
Is that possible,
To heal me from the symptoms of a stroke?
Winston this better not be one of likes jokes
I’ve ran out of laughter
I’ve run out of steam
I’ve run out, I’m clean out
I shout out…
If You God are there
If you can hear
Restore my body
These burdens are not fair
I’m putting the last of me in Your hands
Help me to rise up, to stand
No way
It Can’t be
Am I really going to find the only man to truly love me?

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