Out Flew The Butterfly…

Something changed in me today
Something’s been unfolded and rearranged
That which was locked within churning at my bones
Has seeped through the cracks of my invisible ozone

My atmosphere is clear

Even though words in print was like a dagger to the eyes
It became my greatest inspiration allowing me to inhale – to rise
To inspire is to breathe life into a burnt out shell, and stimulate the spirit as it battled demons from hell

As this great inspiration fills me with the urge and ability to elevate, to strive, my hopes resurrected
I Exhale… I AM alive!

To aspire
Aspiration now directs and awoken the intellect, ambitious to achieve, to rise to the highest high

I soar…

As powerful as an eagle
I fly out as God opens the door
No longer does negativity affect me
Happiness is my best friend.

Blurred vision causes one to stumble
And fear of making the wrong move causes failure…
Clear vision gives power, and as I step forward- I regain authority and control
I am a survivor…
I step like a warrior
I advance like a soldier
I got the power to inspire
And the ability to Aspire

I replace neglect & reject with love & protect
Arrows pass me by
I fought on one spot with my eyes wide shut
All I did was shout the name JESUS and the fighting stopped!…

Fear has dissolved, it lost its salt and has no effect
My antenna no longer detects the weapons of warfare that sang the same battle cry over and over and over and over again

No longer am I subject to the things that you do-
I am the one who has power over you

God came and He conquered and showed me how to overcome
For years an ugly caterpillar, I eventually crawled in to a cocoon and there metamorphosis begun

Then when I least expected, when I thought all hope was gone

Out Flew the Butterfly, how beautiful am I

YES I have the Victory
Gods plan was that I overcome
My wings of salvation has developed
Dookie Dooks you’ve won
Now go live your life
Redeemed and restored by Gods Son

Yours Sincerely
Loving you always

Me xx


  1. Finally getting a chance to read and catch up with my sis. Well written, absolutely love it. Keep blogging as a stepping stone for many other woman alike, that don’t have the words but a listening ear to heal wounds and stand tall as a survivor.


    • Thank you xxxx
      Its nerve racking… early days and so new to this, but it must be told if only to touch one hurting soul… but God told me MANY will be touched and healed through my testimonies so I shall bravely carry on. Pigeon steps until I grow 😉


  2. Wow! This absolutely fantastic, well written Riruro..)


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