For years I scribbled my hurts and pains, my joy and laughter, my hopes and dreams…and my failures…ummm and yes I’ve had successes, so those too all in note pads, books, diaries, old school books, anywhere I could. Why?? Because I always felt I needed to archive memories frightened i’d forget. Although some things needed to be forgotten, I knew one day I’d want to somehow put it all together and turn it all into a book or something…

All I knew is that I felt compelled to share, not just to release, but to encourage many that I know are going through ‘stuff’… All kinds of ‘stuff’

Through ramblings and poetry I pray as I express which was suppressed, you the reader will be encouraged knowing you are not alone.

My dramas are not over, but I have been an overcomer and still overcoming!

  1. Well done, hope you keep going, looking forward to read your blog… 🙂


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