Our Father Who Art In Heaven

If someone told me years ago
That my heart would break
That it would shatter in a moment
I’d tell them no
Never would I understand how life could change in just one day
As I sat and listened to what the doctors had to say
Asking me to choose and step in blindly through an open door
Shaking my head I answered, ‘no way it can’t be so…
The direction to retaining life I do not know’
My husband looks towards the floor
Unresponsive, to weak to face this fight

Day is so dark it is like continuous night
If there are angels
I asked them to come
Sit with my daughter
And make a harmonious sound
Protecting her life
As she goes under the surgeon’s knife

There is a sunrise
The sun breaks in with light
And diminishes the voice of doubtful lies
There really are angels
They walked with no wings
The doctors, nurses and the surgeon’s
Family and friends who came to support
And made the time in hospital feel short

I learnt a valuable lesson
That even in your greatest distress
Be kind, be humble
For you never know if you’ll see someone another day
Either you or them may pass away
Looking back when someone asks, ‘what last words did they say?’
Let it not be words of hurt and pain
For the memory will drive you insane
It cannot be retracted
The tears will overflow
Never to see your loved one again
So yes, a valuable lesson learnt
One that was hard to digest
In the midst of all that had transpired
Our mental capacity was truly tired

Dawn has broken on a brand-new day
There is a God
This I know
My mother never took me to church
But with my friends I’d go
My children had been christened
So Nadia was protected
For I have always followed what the vows directed
To bring them up to know the Lord
This experience brought back those words
I am truly grateful for my daughter’s life
Over the years I have neglected God
I am thankful
And it’s time to make things right
I hope God sees me recite Our Father who art in heaven
And keep my children in His sight

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