A word with different meanings
The breaking of a new season
Water glistening in the sun
A child bouncing a toy
Filled with joy, having fun
For me, it was a time of revelation
Stepping out in faith with no hesitation
Moving from flat to house
Making our house into a home
Love fills the atmosphere
Which lately had seemed so rare
Losing our baby had brought us near
I dance when we kiss
I touch the moonlit sky in the night
When my body touches his
His touch I don’t resist
But darkness is still in my mind
Intimacy for me is hard to find
Memories still fire back; and the attack is unkind
But what is this
There is something quite amiss
She is much too small to befall such an illness
It took too long to diagnose
Now there is a crisis
Registrars words take long to process
And thinking of my child’s pain
Makes the word tumour hard to digest
No this couldn’t be
Bad things like this didn’t happen in our family
It is not confirmed
They are still doing tests they say
So do what you see the world do
Silence your panic

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