Vineyard Harvest

like an aromatic vineyard

Grapes bulging with rich ripe juice

My body ignited ignitions to reproduce


A seed sown and planted

It waits…


Bodies embraced as hearts race

His touch is music

And I dance

I’m in a trance

Intoxicated by the essence of his love

He cups my breast

He hungers, I thirst

It is likened to an overdose of night nurse!

Ecstasy blows up, we burst

Then comes the rain

The drizzle of passion that drips soothingly off a leaf’s tip

All is still

Exhale… now breathe,

Fast forward…

Tropical sun shows its face

Family and friends lovingly embrace

Out on the town, then home flat on my face!

What is this?

No to rum of the sweet Isle of T&T

Its the season for mangoes but not for me

Intense nausea as the fruity smell fills my nose

I’m hot, I just need the open end of the water hose

Suspicions has arose

Could it be there is a mini him, a mini me

Encased in a cell on a wall

clutching on so not to fall

Waiting to be fed and manifest

Then in nine months later await that first cry??

Stop. Breathe, Its ok

Press play…

Bae I’m back from my holiday

Lets talk with words

That our bodies already spoke

Let this conversation confirm the revelation

Remember the Vineyard

the sweet fragrance of a full bodied yield

My body ignited

The seed that was planted has reproduced

My lover I am not afraid

I know you are with me to stay

No matter, come what may

We’ll bring a healthy baby into this world

Regardless if boy or girl

The rain fell

Now the sun is shining

engulfing every cloud with silver lining


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