School Bell Rings…It’s Over

Algebra History

Maths and boring irrelevant stories

Why must I know the exact date

Whatever happened happened I can’t change it it’s too late!

Don’t tell me that

treating me like I’m inadequate

I know I played when I should of paid attention

But I just couldn’t see how maths came into the equation

As you taught the class, my counterparts in turn whispered ‘pass’

And so it was, I became the maths class champion of a pack of 52

refusing to adhere to school rules

Closing my ears so not to listen to you

Teachers screaming down the corridors

Children being a nuisance and slamming doors

Smoking in the toilets

Escaping the un-revised class tests

Wondering, do we have to really do our best

For the teachers already decided which set we’ll be in

School sucks I thought and was like the rubbish in the rubbish bin

Supposed to be the best years of our life

But the playground always had a fight

the class rooms a battle with teachers strife

I sit and wonder ‘what the hell’

And wait patiently for the bell

I realised a little too late

When I for the last time walked out the school gate

That the teachers I thought were full of hate

Were the ones that were right, It was me that couldn’t relate

Now its the end of year five

My exam results just made me want to hide

I wish I stuck to being teachers pet

To be a good girl and have the world on my plate

If only I could turn back time

Do good in maths and not step out of line

Why did I feel the need to fit in so?

Where are those friends now that its time to go?

College, Uni, in good jobs

You see the bad crowd were loud for all to see

But behind close doors they studied and learn’t well

They made out it was cool to be dumb

And all the time they were competing to be number one

Looking at them I could not tell

Lower and lower my grades fell

This did not stop me from reaching high

I got up and tried my hardest

Finally taking responsibility and exploring the depths of my capabilities

Stretching my brain cells to the farthest

You see…

It IS in you and it IS in me

God made us intelligent

Don’t follow the crowd

Just be you, and you’ll see how much can be achieved.

Stay lose to your teachers, trust and believe

They’ll help and guide you so exams will be stress free

And your grades will be worth something by the time you leave.

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  1. wow this is actually really good. love the way your poems tells a story.


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