Lost & Found

Have you seen her?

Small, brown, always smiling, never with a frown…

Have you seen her?

Very chatty, thinks aloud, gets her into trouble,

But I guess at her age it’s allowed

Have you seen her?

Such a happy child, the last of five

Her siblings thinks she’s spoilt…

Is that her fault?

At four years old what does she know?!

Did she asked to be cute, to get all the birthday loot

Did she ask for all the boxes under the Christmas tree each tag with her name?

Did you not think she’d want to be included in your game?

You left her out because?…

A spoilt brat you say, because?…

So she tried to entertain herself, because?… because…

Her brothers and sister busy doing chores,

Lil cute brownie had a job to do too…

Sweep down the stairs and tear the toilet rollin two’s…

(Papa say we use too much when we go to the loo!)

“Can I help?” she’d say.. “No go away”

“Can I play in your game?”… “No yuh too young, go away”

So can yuh blame de chile for going astray.. all she wanted to do was play!

Have you seen her?

“Yes Yes madam, come this way.

She’s safe and sound and chatting away”

The door opens…

“Awwww there you are”…


30 odd years later…

Have you seen her?

That lil brown girl full of smiles,

Carefree in spirit, loves love and shares all she owns..

If you see her, greet her with a kiss and tell her she’s missed

Life is too short to stay lost, it’s time to be found!

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