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Lost & Found

Have you seen her?

Small, brown, always smiling, never with a frown…

Have you seen her?

Very chatty, thinks aloud, gets her into trouble,

But I guess at her age it’s allowed

Have you seen her?

Such a happy child, the last of five

Her siblings thinks she’s spoilt…

Is that her fault?

At four years old what does she know?!

Did she asked to be cute, to get all the birthday loot

Did she ask for all the boxes under the Christmas tree each tag with her name?

Did you not think she’d want to be included in your game?

You left her out because?…

A spoilt brat you say, because?…

So she tried to entertain herself, because?… because…

Her brothers and sister busy doing chores,

Lil cute brownie had a job to do too…

Sweep down the stairs and tear the toilet rollin two’s…

(Papa say we use too much when we go to the loo!)

“Can I help?” she’d say.. “No go away”

“Can I play in your game?”… “No yuh too young, go away”

So can yuh blame de chile for going astray.. all she wanted to do was play!

Have you seen her?

“Yes Yes madam, come this way.

She’s safe and sound and chatting away”

The door opens…

“Awwww there you are”…


30 odd years later…

Have you seen her?

That lil brown girl full of smiles,

Carefree in spirit, loves love and shares all she owns..

If you see her, greet her with a kiss and tell her she’s missed

Life is too short to stay lost, it’s time to be found!

Little lost girl found…

Well I have been avoiding this but I thought I’d give it a shot….So many memories…

1st memory is when I was 3yrs old, a holiday to Trinidad with my parents. I remember it well I guess it is because we have lots of photos. My dads’ brother uncle Dave had a monkey. I remember thinking how nice and strange to have a pet monkey. I remember family members taking me for strolls down the road and my mum having dressed me in different outfits. She is a seamstress and made all my clothes except underwear!

This is my first memory of my grandparents on my father’s side. They reminded me of traditional looking grandparents! old and grey with lovely smiles and loving. Fell in love with them immediately.

I remember my God parents and their children were there too on holiday, Auntie Gem, Uncle and their daughters Gabs and Sammy. Uncle ( my only white uncle) climbed a curved coconut tree sam and gabs played in the sea. Uncle Dave sat me on the car bonnet as I was extremely frightened of the sea… not a toe would go in without me screaming blue murder! Uncle Dave kept me company as he had a badly cut finger and couldn’t swim. Auntie Gem teased me for being so scared… memories J

Around 4yrs old I asked my mum in the kitchen if I could go to the park, she said “go ask yuh dad”… dad was outside working on a car and I asked “can I go to the park”? Yep, he said “go ask yuh mother”!!! I said “I did an she said to ask u… well I can go by myself”, and Dad said jokingly, “well go nuh”… So I did!

Wasn’t till mum was calling for dinner that they realised I was missing. Apparently I had a habit of knocking on neighbours doors and going in for chats so they started searching the street- the whole street were looking for me, police was eventually called and to my parents relief were told I was at the police station.

How did I get there?…We lived in Fulham, my first home, a man saw me walking by myself and asked me where I was going and I told him the park.. He said he will take me and took me straight to Hammersmith police station!! I actually remember sitting on the table with my legs swinging eating a biscuit I believe to be a digestive and drinking a glass of milk wearing a bobbys’ hat and mum coming through the door…

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