Harsh Love

I was agitated in thought… until it came food for thought! sometimes we need to stop and reflect…

My thoughts:

We don’t walk In love with our brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, children and parents…If only people would respect and love each other and live the TRUE meaning of love in 1 Corinthians 13 only then will we soar as wings of an eagle rather than flap like pigeons

Ummm… I’ve been thinking on this for days,  trying to understand the thought patterns of those who say they love but yet demonstrates harshness to the same… makes no sense. .. the enemy has too many puppets in this world and it’s time we get strong enough to break the strings!!!

I received a love nugget today which reflects exactly what I mean…

Nugget: Love is KIND, it involves not just kind actions but kind words. Love does not intimidate and makes the one you love feel less than they truly are by mistreating them and hurting them with your words. Love is not concern only with his or her way and what pleases you but is considerate one to the other. Love is never abusive whether it be in word, thought or deed. Love causes you to feel secure and not threaten, Love causes one to be comfortably assured in the way they are treated and spoken to. Anytime you practice not caring about how the one you love feels and is only interested in the rules that applies to your life then an evaluation of what you believe love to be must be done. Love gives but does not reproach or make the recipient feel guilty or less of a person for having received from you. Love is not boastful nor self- centred. Remember no matter what material richest one may have, it will never and should never be equated more valuable than the person you love. Love willingly facilitates each other and ensures that the one you love knows it and do not have to wonder or guess it, love holds no ransom but is freely and unreservedly given. Love is applied understanding. May God grant you His Wisdom in Love

Time to ‘Wake Up’ for real otherwise All ‘living years’ will be wasted in unnecessary strife.. live in love… walk in love.. once we can all grasp that the world would be a better place..

Better marriages

Better friendships

Better relationships

Better world

These thoughts took me back to my childhood, and as my memory opened up the doors I had tightly kept locked, I came to realise my present and past pains over my teenage and adult years had a foundation, it had a root – the soil of my childhood!!!… lets go gardening!…( bring your gloves, it’s gonna get dirty)

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